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Washi Tape Challenge

Stampin up Uk Washi  Tape  challenge Hi, I hope you are all having a lovely weekend, it is cold but bright here in Warwickshire.  Today I got to spend a little time crafting so as well as the samples for my Coffee and Craft session, I worked on this decor project. Last weekend as part of our Stampin Up gathering, we were given a pack of Washi Tape and challenged to go and use it.  Well, I don’t use much Washi Taoe normally, however I had an idea to use it to create some custom card, which I then cut out using our fab butterfly thinlets.  I layered them up using hot glue, then made the roses from the Washi Tape, added some bows made from the silver 1/8 ribbon and here it is.  Hope you like it….back to the craft room for me




2 thoughts on “Washi Tape Challenge

  1. Its great Heidi – its the first time I’ve used Washi tape too thanks to Telford and quite enjoy using it

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