washi tape

#washi tape Wednesday

Sorry the posts have been a bit lacking detail recently, I have been suffering with a condition called labyrinthitis which has kept me largely horizontal and off work, so no crafting for me.  While my posts have still gone live, as I schedule them a month in advance, I have been trying to update with a bit more personal stuff just before the go live.  The good news is I am finally feeling better, so back to work at my full time job now….. And catching up with my blogging to get ahead ready for my Greek island Flotilla holiday soon!

Yes, I am lucky enough to have been married 25 years this year and my husband celebrated his 50th (well it was debatable whether he was happy about it!), so he has arranged for us to go Sailing around the Ionian islands for a week ….without children.  We have done this sort of holiday several times in the past, and it is always a real relaxing week, time passes at a much better pace when you are in the sun and under sail.

anyway, back to the title, as you may recall we were given a challenge as demonstrators to use more Washi tape, and I started with my decorated heart HERE but I struggle to use it, so thought I would challenge myself to blog and use it up a bit more, so here is a simple way to brighten up an envelope… Simply add a stripe of Washi tape.  It’s quick and easy and no more naked envelopes.

Here’s one I am sending out to a friend this week#washiwednesday stampin up uk



One thought on “#washi tape Wednesday

  1. Sorry you haven’t been feeling well Heidi. That’s not good and not being able to craft!!! That’s no good. Sounds a wonderful time away. Enjoy and relax. 🙂

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