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Advent Countdown Week 5 Paper Star

So another week closer to Christmas…how are your preparations going?  My kitchen continues to progress – albeit slowly – we are now in week 3 of a scheduled 2 weeks!  However although it is slow, the quality of work does seem to be  good with some great attention to detail in the finishing – so hopefully this weekend I might have a working kitchen back!  It certainly hasn’t been good for my healthy eating as we have had to have too many ready meals and meals out.  As a result, I am still filming at night so the lighting is not as  good on the video as when I film in daylight.


So this week is a different star decoration.  I am sure you may have seen these on Pinterest and YouTube, but I decided to give these a go in a smaller version.  The smaller size makes them a little fiddly on the inner fold, but careful use of the embossing tool from my score board and they come together well.

You need 6 pieces of 3 x 3 inch (7.5 x 7.5cm) paper.  I have used DSP, so you get the pretty effect of the double sided paper, but they also look effective in paper that is the same both sides.  Simply fold in half diagonally and make four equal cuts along the folded edge from each side almost to the middle.

Open up and join together on alternate sides (watch the video…it’s easier to show you than describe it!)

Don’t forget there are still some bargains to be had in the closeout HERE , great for some stocking fillers for crafty friends 🙂

Hope you enjoy


Crafty Hugs

Heidi x


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